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  • Our Personnel will not become member of any union.
  • Our Personnel will be available under all circumstances.
  • We pay at most attention during strikes, gheraos and other labours unrest.
  • Complained received against the security personnel will be looked promptly and corrective action will be initiated against the defaulter immediately.
  • Security of the personnel property and assets, movable and immovable of your factory.
  • In association with the factory management locking of all rooms/ chambers , cabin and switching of the lights, fans, power points, air conditioners heaters etc. as required.
  • Checking of all incoming and outgoing goods and office property etc. and keeping proper records of movement of such goods by maintaining gate passes system in Quadruplicate respect of such goods and property.
  • Controlling the movement of vehicles though proper traffic control and managing of parking areas. Performance of watch and ward duties, protection of factory property from damage by unwanted elements and unwanted guests  etc. and maintenance of law and order in office premises and other areas.
  • Regulating the movement of the visitors and employees and maintenance of proper record of visitors.
  • Intensive patrolling in the area specified by  office charges from time to time with a view to perform the assigned tasks.
  • Attending to telephone calls when office is closed and noting of massages and arrange call transfers from  PBX whenever needs.
  • To advise on fire fighting arrangements including prevention if fire fighting equipment installed by factory at the premises.
  • Assistance and active participation in removal of unauthorized occupants in project/ office area and providing due protection to life property of the personnel of project office engaged by factory or its agencies.
  • Performance of escort duties including the cashier for transit of cash if needed.
  • Lodge of complaints with police Authorities with the prior consent of the factory management and pursuing the progress of the case with them in respect of any untoward occurrence
  • Performance of any other task/ duly / allotted by factory in the interest of the security of its permission and property and submission of reports to factory of any issue which may be against the interest of factory

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